About Me

Hello friend! My name is Jessica and I am so happy you are here. Just a little look into my life, I am married and I stay at home with my two sweet babes. Soon we will be a certified foster family, eek! I was born and raised in Southern California but now loving life in Oregon. I love to write, I’m always up for a good book recommendation, and coffee!

Since our first baby was born in 2012, my husband and I basically went on a documentary binge and researched a bunch about pretty much everything related to health. I bought an essential oils starter kit, we changed our eating habits to real food, and exercised regularly.

When we think of health, we need to think of wholeness. Our decisions back then were hard to do, and they can still be hard at times…but they are completely worth it. We have switched our lives around and are thriving as a family because of this.

I would love to get to know you more too, email me so we can chat!

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